Aminatamam Mohamud, MSW Candidate

Out of network Rate: $50/55 min session

Being human is a challenging endeavor, we aren’t all provided the safety, guidance, and love needed to help us develop into well-regulated, stable adults. I believe we all deserve to be safe, loved, and allowed to express ourselves, no shade, no shame. 

My name is Aminatamam [Mina], I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking I was broken and alone, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I lacked the support to recognize my strengths and the guidance to utilize my tools. With my therapist, I found a judgment-free space to be heard. She gave me the opportunity to not only make mistakes but the knowledge to seek lessons from those mistakes and safely learn from them. 

With great therapy, comes great responsibility. I believe it is now my mission to provide the same for others. 

I prioritize working w/  Black, Indigenous, Queer, disabled, and marginalized individuals or couples. I am willing to work with anyone willing to work on themselves. I approach my work from a strength-based intersectional lens. You know you’re body and history better than I ever could, my goal is to collaborate w/ you to find balance. I believe in the entwined relationship between our anatomy and physiology and our ability to properly regulate our emotions. My mission is to help you learn about your own body and find the tools needed to utilize your strengths. Leading with empathy, understanding, affirmation, and earnest passion I hope to help you cultivate your innate capacity for healing and growth. My role will be to guide you in an exploration of self within the context of social justice discrimination; culture or religious identity and acceptance. Together we can increase your understanding and awareness around how we as individuals impact and are impacted by past and present trauma; family and relational dynamics; race and cultural influences; social and global constructs. We can explore how these systems relate to each other and inform daily lived experiences. 

I am open to learning new ways to provide therapeutic support, in finding what works for you we will explore various therapeutic frameworks, utilizing therapeutic interventions like person-centered psychotherapy, narrative therapy, strength-based therapy, CBT, and DBT. 

I work with a wide range of presenting concerns including ADHD, anxiety, codependency, depression, eating disorders, racial identity, self-esteem, trauma, and PTSD. 

I am currently a Master of Social Work Candidate at the University of Washington


Next Steps...

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