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Makai Wright, MSW Candidate

Out of network Rate: $50/55 min session

I am passionate about working with BIPOC folks to unpack their racial trauma. I have a strong social justice lens, and have worked extensively with marginalized populations. I am skilled at supporting folks struggling with anxiety, life changes, and trauma. 

I have had the unique experience of identifying as Black being raised in a mostly White community (Washington State). It can be difficult to explain this experience to folks that have not lived it. 

I am passionate about supporting the Mental Health needs in BIPOC communities and marginalized populations as I can see the effect that structural oppression has on mental health and health outcomes. My allyship to diverse communities is essential to my work, and I value my connections with African American, LGBTQ+, and poly/Ethical non-monogamy communities. 

I believe that each person comes with their own strengths. I work with my clients to understand who they are and support them to achieve their goals. I strive to have a non-judgmental approach to people’s experiences. I see the value and dignity in each person. 

I am currently a Master of Social Work Candidate at the University of Washington, and I received my Bachelors in Social work from Eastern Washington university.


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