Peaceful Soul Healing (https://peacefulsoulhealing.com/

The Mission of Peaceful Soul Healing is to advocate for, provide, and ensure culturally appropriate, high quality, and accessible Mental Health Care. We seek to support providers and clients from underrepresented communities. We also specialize in supporting folks with Health Related concerns.

Our vision is to promote inclusivity by providing positive Mental Health services to youth and adults of various abilities, ethnicities, genders and sexuality. We provide therapeutic services that are dignified and enriching to our clients lives.


Dignity: We provide services that embody compassion, empathy and respect for all human beings' autonomy, regardless of their functional level.

Integrity: We provide accountable, honest, responsible and informed evidence based services to our clientele. Practicing the highest standards of mental and behavioral health services by embodying the ethical standards that govern our profession.

  • Inclusivity
  • Supportive
  • Anti-ableist
  • Culturally responsive
  • Client centered
  • Social justice 
  • Teaching and mentoring therapists
  • Creating a supportive therapeutic community

Job Title: Clinical Assistant 

Contact Information: 

sima@peacefulsoulhealing.com (Clinical Director) phone number: 206-487-3880 

Location of employment :  Virtual


  • Part-time: 20 hours a week (Could possibly go up to 35 hours per week)
  • Pay: $25/hour

The responsibilities would be as follows:

  • Scheduling intake appointments
  • Screening new clients for multiple providers 
  • Setting up appointments and sending intake documents 
  • Oversee the business email account 
  • Send out Payroll Emails 
  • Scheduling team meetings (including trainings)
  • Administrative and project management duties
  • Clinical Marketing
  • Billing
  • Coordinating with insurance on billing issues


  • Experience with diverse populations
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Strong Social Justice lens, with an understanding of how systems of oppression negatively affect mental health (including racism, colonization, and patriarchy)
  • Self starter
  • Open to feedback and shared problem solving
  • Able to self reflect
  • Values open communication 
  • Has very strong organization skills 
  • Tech- and computer-savvy
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets and data entry
  • Has a calm and soothing demeanor when facilitating screening calls
  • Interest in Mental Health would be a plus (ideal for Mental Health students)

Additional Information: 

Candidates are expected to have appropriate technology, such as computers, devices, and the internet, to support their role. Candidates are also expected to have a quiet, confidential, from where they can conduct their screening calls.

The schedule is flexible, however, you will be expected to have time available during the weekdays for screening potential candidates. In addition, billing is due each Friday, so you will need to be able to process this prior to the weekend. These tasks can be done at your convenience (such as at night if needed). 

There could be the opportunity to support multiple small businesses, including other Group Practices.