Suzanne Shoemaker, MSW, LSWAIC

Insurance Accepted

  • LifeWise
  • Premera
  • Kaiser PPO

Out of network Rate: $150/50 min session

Are you feeling a little scared or lost? Are you worried that you might be wasting your “one precious life” with a thousand little decisions that don't really align with who you know in your heart and soul you truly are? Or maybe you are in a job or a relationship that you know is not healthy and not calling forth the person you want to be.  Who is the truest and most beautiful you? How do you face your fear, anxiety, sadness or depression and find the pathway to fully being that person? Or maybe you have just been thrown a massive life “curveball.”  Maybe someone you care for or even you yourself have just been diagnosed with a life limiting or terminal illness and you know you need to adjust or rise up in a way you never have had to before and you are afraid of the uncertainty. Or maybe you are just wondering how the heck to grieve. What even is grief? Where do you start? Does it all feel overwhelming? Are you no longer able to just keep stuffing it down and surviving life?

I see you. I am here for you.  I am here for all of you.  I can bear witness and walk beside you as you embark on your challenging journey. After two decades of success in a business leadership role with a nonprofit training and consulting firm in 2019 I launched a second chapter after navigating my own major life changes and I have wholeheartedly shifted my life's focus to supporting individuals just like you. My goal is to provide compassionate support and evidence-based interventions tailored to your specific needs.  

I am skilled at supporting  young adults, adults or seniors who feel lost, resigned or overwhelmed by their current life circumstances and do not see a clear pathway to happiness or peace of mind. 

I am currently in the process of earning my clinical independent license (LICSW) under the supervision of Sima Kulshreshtha, MSW, LICSW.  I have a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington School of Social Work. I have specialized training in end of life care through my time as a Carol LaMare Palliative Care and Oncology Fellow.  I have also worked in a variety of clinical settings as a Medical Social Worker so I have a strong understanding of how illness and medical systems can impact your mental health. 

I am informed by anti-racist practices and policies and I am a strong LGBTQ+ ally.  I have been on a path of personal growth and transformation for over 25 years and I have been practicing mindfulness-based meditation for over a decade.  I have been exploring and engaging in buddhist/vipassana practices off and on for the past five years.

I look forward to partnering with you on your therapeutic journey. 


Next steps...

Please contact us to set up a complimentary 20 minute consultation. I look forward to hearing from you! info@peacefulsoulhealing.com