Annalise Alphenaar, MSW Candidate

Out of network Rate: $50/55 min session

Life is hard and sometimes it sucks, especially if we are feeling alone. I believe that healing can begin when we are able to tell our stories to a kind, listening ear. If we decide to collaborate on your therapeutic journey together, my hope is that it might suck less. My passion is to empower people to navigate all the complexities of their lives and establish balance, connection and build their skills. I particularly enjoy supporting those identifying as LGBTQ+, BIPOC folx or those who have experienced feeling like they are living in the margins. 

My name is Annalise (she/they) and I am a Queer, transracial Korean adoptee, aspiring forager, and food lover. I am a Master’s of Social Work Candidate (2024 exp) from the University of Washington and hold a bachelor’s in Sociology. I have experience in crisis management, case management for adoption and medically complex clients, and working with unhoused youth. 

My therapeutic approach is to consider you as a whole person, including your Mental Health, Physical Health, as well as what is going on in your environment. I strive to be culturally-responsive. We may use mindfulness, breathwork, somatic treatments and guided meditations during our sessions to help process and understand how trauma has impacted your mind and body. I believe that our stories and experiences leave imprints on our bodies, especially in early childhood. Learning about your identities, support systems, and notable life events is extremely important to me. This helps us understand how your brain and body is working so we can start working on learning skills to restore balance in your life.

 As a QTBIPOC individual that has had personal experiences with the intersectionality of my identities and colonization, I believe that the development of self-love and discovery is extremely important. With these identities, I also recognize that being oneself or having the vulnerability to share your experiences can be terrifying. I hope to create a courageous and gracious space for us to hold all of you. Anti-racism and anti-colonization are at the forefront of my practice and I maintain that striving for cultural humility is a learning experience for all of us. 


  • Attachment theory
  • CBT, motivational interviewing and strengths based perspectives.
  • Culturally-responsive theory
  • DBT informed skills 
  • Narrative therapy
  • Trauma informed care


Next Steps...

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